spankings over the knee

A while ago George felt like having something special, so he called an escort service and ordered himself not one, not even two, but six prostitutes. He asked for at least two blondes, but he didn’t get his wish fulfilled. He got furious when he noticed those sluts being not as willing as he would’ve wanted. His raging character got the upper hand and those little sluts were about to undergo a set of spankings over the knee. They had never been treated like that, but George didn’t care about that. All he wanted was to relieve his anger and what is a better way to do that than slapping the living hell out of six well-formed asses?

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otk spanking

Good looking lesbian Nancy has a girlfriend to die for. There’s only one thing that’s a bit off the hook with her: she can’t stand household chores not being done. So when Nancy got home the other day her friend was waiting on their couch. The look in her eyes was like a spitfire and Nancy immediately realized she forgot to do the dishes last night. There was no running or hiding, so she stripped down her jeans and got ready for a good otk spanking. A lesbian spank is a bit of a special thing, since it’s done with a lot of love most of the time. But not in this case, judging by the look in Nancy’s eyes.

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women who spank

Women who spank may well be a breed that’s threatened with extinction. Most younger girls don’t have the guts to hand out a firm corporal punishment and leave all of that to their male partners. Not so much with our woman of the day. This is a very strict mother who is certainly not afraid of giving spankings over the knee. What you see is how she is giving her naughty daughter a good bun beater. The teen’s friends are watching the scene in full horror and are stumped that such a thing is possible. Their moms would never do that to them. Even their dads wouldn’t slap their asses in public. Thank God there are still women like this.

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hard spankings

Unmanageable teens are from all times. In the good old days they would get a serious caning on their asses, but nowadays that isn’t exactly socially appreciated anymore. In most schools corporal punishment is a big no no, but some of them dare to rebel. It might be political incorrect, but it’s a good way to force some discipline on those slutty bitches. Schoolgirl spankings are my all-time favorite: those glowing red butt cheeks are a joy for they and I bet the teacher thinks the same way. There is no way in hell they don’t enjoy slapping those juicy butts while they are doing those spankings over the knee. I am sure they wouldn’t even dare doing it when they wouldn’t get a kick out of it.

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spankings over the knee

Spankings over the knee are not supposed to be a walk in the park. They are invented to be painful; they are there to teach the victim a lesson. Off course there are forms of erotic spankings that are intended to stimulate the sexual excitement, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I am all about bare butt punishing and strict corporal punishment. Naughty girls who deserve nothing more than a good bun beating and get served, is what I like. So, when you get your kicks in the same area, you better click through and hold on to your cock. The most beautiful babes are getting served on that site.

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spankings over the knee

You love to see a bit of butt slapping, I know that. You ask why? I know because you are here, at spankings over the knee dot com. A site that is completely dedicated to this special form of bun beating. It’s built for all lovers of the lost art of corporal punishment. We will introduce you to all forms of otk spankings, whether they are inflicted by women or men. It’s for all the fans of red glowing buttocks and naughty girls that need severe punishing. So let me welcome you to our little place on the net, where we offer you the best in firm hand buttocks discipline. Enjoy!

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