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Boarding school educator Kalina has a reputation to defend. Her class full of rebellious teen girls was pushing the limit when they started their little riot against Kalina. She went with the game, but too much is just too much. Once she snapped there was no way to return. She grabbed one of those rebel sluts and got her ready for an over the knee spanking. Pulled up skirt and pulled down panties, ready for a serious paddle slapping. That’s right, no bare hand hitting here, it’s all about the wooden paddle with Kalina and she sure knows how to use that piece of torture equipment. The other bitches are trying to get their friend out of the hands of their crazy teacher, but they can’t cause any change. They don’t realize they’re next in what will go down in the school’s history as Kalina’s classroom of spanked girls.

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When Daisy started that stolen car she knew shit hit the fan. But she never imagined herself getting an otk spanking from a female cop for that. She got busted a few hours after the steal and got brought to the county jail, where all cells were full. Those cops were about to let her go, when officer Katie Sheet stepped up and suggested to do a little corporal judgment herself. She took off her leather belt and got that low life car thief over her knee. The belt took off and hit those sweet little crook’s buns. Each time she hit them it felt like a thunderstorm coming down on her buttocks.

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A while ago George felt like having something special, so he called an escort service and ordered himself not one, not even two, but six prostitutes. He asked for at least two blondes, but he didn’t get his wish fulfilled. He got furious when he noticed those sluts being not as willing as he would’ve wanted. His raging character got the upper hand and those little sluts were about to undergo a set of spankings over the knee. They had never been treated like that, but George didn’t care about that. All he wanted was to relieve his anger and what is a better way to do that than slapping the living hell out of six well-formed asses?

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Good looking lesbian Nancy has a girlfriend to die for. There’s only one thing that’s a bit off the hook with her: she can’t stand household chores not being done. So when Nancy got home the other day her friend was waiting on their couch. The look in her eyes was like a spitfire and Nancy immediately realized she forgot to do the dishes last night. There was no running or hiding, so she stripped down her jeans and got ready for a good otk spanking. A lesbian spank is a bit of a special thing, since it’s done with a lot of love most of the time. But not in this case, judging by the look in Nancy’s eyes.

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