spankings over the knee

Spankings over the knee are not supposed to be a walk in the park. They are invented to be painful; they are there to teach the victim a lesson. Off course there are forms of erotic spankings that are intended to stimulate the sexual excitement, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I am all about bare butt punishing and strict corporal punishment. Naughty girls who deserve nothing more than a good bun beating and get served, is what I like. So, when you get your kicks in the same area, you better click through and hold on to your cock. The most beautiful babes are getting served on that site.

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spankings over the knee

You love to see a bit of butt slapping, I know that. You ask why? I know because you are here, at spankings over the knee dot com. A site that is completely dedicated to this special form of bun beating. It’s built for all lovers of the lost art of corporal punishment. We will introduce you to all forms of otk spankings, whether they are inflicted by women or men. It’s for all the fans of red glowing buttocks and naughty girls that need severe punishing. So let me welcome you to our little place on the net, where we offer you the best in firm hand buttocks discipline. Enjoy!

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hard spankings

Carl couldn’t handle it anymore. His sexy wife Olga and her friend Katie went shopping and when they returned home they couldn’t resist trying out all the things they bought that day. Amongst those were a few sets of very sexy lingerie. They tried them on and both of them got a little weak in the knees when they saw each other. Even though it never happened before and none of them is bisexual or lesbian they couldn’t resist the temptation of kissing each other. When Olga reached out for Katies wet pussy, Carl entered the room and was nailed to the floor. He didn’t argue, he didn’t cause any trouble; he just put his naughty wife down for an otk spanking. Because that’s what those bad girls deserve: good hard spankings.

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otk spanking

Spankings over the knee are not an activity that is strictly reserved for males. As a matter of fact, most of the videos and images we have inside are some sort of girl on girl otk spanking. Like the one on today’s sample. What you see is a furious blonde who’s going mental on her rival’s buttocks. She was really fed up with this chick, who’s been stalking her and her man for months now. As you can see, it’s not a good idea to persist a lost love when they are hooked at a raging mad woman. The poor girl’s panties will hold most of the slap marks, but they won’t stay on forever. Click through to see the blond bitch pull down the last piece of fabric that’s holding her from seeing those red glowing buns and give that screaming babe a bare butt spanking.

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